The Longplayer Letters

Between 2013 and 2016, Artangel and the Longplayer Trust invited thinkers and writers from a wide variety of disciplines to engage in a chain of written correspondence on the subject of long-term thinking.  The Longplayer Letters are a chain of written correspondence unfolding slowly over time, and form a written conversation in which each correspondent answers the past author in addressing the next – it is a dialogical relay, very much in the spirit of the Long Conversations.

The letters may also be found on the websites of Artangel and The Long Now Foundation, but comments may only be left below.

The last letter, from Manuel Arriaga to Giles Fraser, remains unanswered. In 2017 the Longplayer Trust will initiate a new correspondence, beginning with Iain Sinclair writing to Alan Moore.

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  • portrait-format

    To Giles Fraser
    Manuel Arriaga
    09 November 2015

    From: Manuel Arriaga, New York To: Giles Fraser, London 16 November 2015 Dear Giles, Reading the earlier letters in this exchange, it strikes me that the issue of long-term thinking is twofold. Its challenges make themselves felt at two very different levels: the individual and the collective. As individuals we are notoriously prone to myopic…

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  • Helmut Fricke

    To Manuel Arriaga
    John Burnside
    07 April 2015

    From: John Burnside, Berlin To: Manuel Arriaga, New York 7 April 2015 Dear Manuel, When Carne Ross posted his letter in this series to me, I was just re-reading your marvellous, thoughtful, inspiring book, Rebooting Democracy: A Citizen’s Guide to Reinventing Politics. For some time now, Carne and I have been discussing the question of…

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  • Carne

    To John Burnside
    Carne Ross
    08 December 2014

    From: Carne Ross, New York City To: John Burnside, Berlin 8 December 2014 Dear John, We are bidden to consider the future. What a privilege to be asked! What a nightmare to contemplate! Esther Dyson wrote to me to propose an appealing scheme of how to inspire communities to be healthier. She spoke too of…

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  • 505px_Esther_Dyson_20050316

    To Carne Ross
    Esther Dyson
    20 April 2014

    From: Esther Dyson, New York City To: Carne Ross, New York City 02 April 2014 Dear Carne, Through a telescope, darkly. I’ve been reading Stewart’s letter about science and technology and the long-term, but the thing that concerns me more – and that you, Carne, understand – is how society can work collectively to make…

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  • StewartBrand

    To Esther Dyson
    Stewart Brand
    28 November 2013

    From: Stewart Brand, Sausalito To: Esther Dyson, New York City 28 November 2013 Dear Esther, Ghosts don’t exist, but ghost stories sure do. We love frightening ourselves with narratives built around a horrifying logic that emerges with the telling of the tale, ideally capped with a moral lesson. The Monkey’s Paw is a three-wishes fable…

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  • nassim-taleb

    To Stewart Brand
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    02 July 2013

    From: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, New York To: Stewart Brand, Sausalito 3 July 2013 Dear Stewart, I would like to reply to Brian Eno’s important letter by proposing a methodology to deal with risks to our planet, and I chose you because of your Long Now mission. First let us put forward the Principle of Fragility…

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  • brian_eno_01

    To Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    Brian Eno
    30 April 2013

    Dear Nassim, We’re all used to the idea that actions and thoughts take on different values when we expand the ‘picture’ within which we frame them. We realise that something which makes sense in a local frame may make less sense in a broader frame: dumping your waste in the river is fine as long…

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