07.02.10 16:27 GMT
Long Conversation at Transmediale.10, Berlin

On the 5th February 2010 a Long Conversation took place in Berlin as part of the Transmediale Festival.

More details here.

The HKW hosted a Longplayer listening post for the duration of the festival (2nd – 7th February).

14.09.09 12:02 GMT
Longplayer Live : blogs, photographs, film and more . . .

Christian Payne’s documentation of the event is here.

A short video of Longplayer Live can be seen here.

A set of beautiful photos by Jana Chiellino and Bruce Atherton are here.

Meanwhile in the world of twitter . . .

14.09.09 12:00 GMT
Harry Eyres on Longplayer

An article from the FT can be found here.

13.09.09 10:48 GMT
Longplayer Live

The first live performance of Longplayer took place in the Roundhouse, London, on the 12th September.
Documentation of the 1000 minute long concert and the parallel Long Conversation will appear on the website in due course.

A short preview of the event can be seen here.

11.06.09 16:37 GMT
Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse opening times

From the 21st June 2009 the listening post in the lighthouse, at Trinity Buoy Wharf, will be open every weekend. During the summer months this will be from 11 am until 5 pm.

04.02.09 11:38 GMT
David Rooney Podcast & Radio

David Rooney, the curator of time keeping at Greenwich Observatory, talks about Longplayer in his January 2009 podcast.

Longplayer also gets a mention in his appearance on Radio 4′sSaturday Live


30.01.09 14:04 GMT
Longplayer Live 2009

A live performance of a 1000 minute section of Longplayer is currently in the planning stages.

It will be played on a 25 metre wide instrument made up of six concentric circles of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Based on Jem Finer’s graphic score for 234 bowls and six players, the concert is scheduled to take place at The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, London, on September 12th 2009. The 1000 minute long concert will start at 08.20 am and finish the following morning at 01.00 am.

In order to fund the building of this instrument and the production of the event, The Longplayer Trust is inviting donations on a bowl-by-bowl basis. When you fund a bowl, it will be engraved with a word of your choice and a premium ticket for the performance will be reserved in your name.

17.09.08 15:00 GMT
The Artangel Longplayer Conversation 2008 : film & recording

A recording of The Artangel Longplayer Conversation 2008 which took place between Alain de Botton and George Soros can be found on the conversation page.

In addition there is a short film on The Guardian’s website.

The Artangel Longplayer Conversation invites two cultural thinkers, aware of each other’s work but never having met, to engage in a discussion inspired by the philosophical premise of Longplayer.

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