Longplayer iOS app is now available

The Longplayer iOS app is now available from the app store.

Until now is has only been possible to hear Longplayer online, at select listening posts around the world and at rare one-off live performances.

The Longplayer app offers a new way to listen to Longplayer. Anywhere, at any time and without the need for a data connection, it literally performs the music, creating it from instant to instant. It will always play in time with all other instances of Longplayer – one point in a community of listeners stretching through time and space, across many lifetimes.

The app displays a real-time graphic score and includes exhaustive information about Longplayer and its history, its composition and performance.

It was coded by Daniel Jones and designed by Joe Hales.

An article about Longplayer and the app, by James Bridle, is on the Guardian website.