Open call for Chair of the Longplayer Trust

The Longplayer Trust, established in 2000 to look after and support the extraordinary 1000-year-long artwork Longplayer, is looking for a new Chair to lead the organisation and its Board of Trustees into the next quarter century. With ambitious programming and strategic planning already in process for Longplayer’s 25th anniversary in 2025, Longplayer’s new Chair will support the Trust in developing ideas and planning in areas including creative development; fundraising, finance, and sustainability; educational outreach, audience engagement, and partnerships; underscored by a commitment to supporting, and seeking new approaches for, long term thinking and doing.

As a voluntary role, the Chair will be asked to contribute their time in the following ways:

  • Three hours (approx) a week working with Longplayer’s producer(s) and Trustee sub-groups on ongoing finance and administration, compliance, organisational development and public engagement.
  • Leading quarterly Trustees meetings (typically three hours)
  • Public facing representation of, and advocacy for, Longplayer and attendance at Longplayer events, including hosting and introducing events where appropriate.

Longplayer will cover childcare, travel expenses and any access support needed to undertake this role.

Given the multi-generational basis of the Trust, we are also open to exploring a joint-chair role, which could combine an experienced individual who can lead, as well as nurture a less experienced individual.

Find the call in full here: Longplayer chair

Find an accessible font version here: Longplayer chair accessible font or an audio file version here.

You can also find out more about the current board and about Longplayer here.

Expressions of interest/proposals

For expressions of interest or to have a conversation about this role please contact

We would be grateful if your expression of interest could touch on

  • what kinds of interests and experiences you have in relation to Longplayer and the formal, conceptual and cultural ideas it represents
  • how you might approach the role of Chair (your ideas on leadership and organisation)
  • what you can contribute to Longplayer and what Longplayer can contribute to you

We also welcome anything else you wish to tell us in relation to Longplayer, this role and yourself.

Closing date for all proposals: 25th June 2024