Longplayer turns ten

The Lighthouse, London, 31 December 2009
Lonpglayer Live at the Lighthouse, New Year’s Eve 2009.
[Jem Finer]

The second Longplayer Live performance took place at Longplayer’s 10th annual New Year’s Eve event at the Lighthouse, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.

Marking the first complete decade of Longplayer’s 1000-year duration, the performance lasted 3 hours from 12 midday to 3 p.m. GMT (i.e. 00:00 – 03:00 IDLE, the first three hours of the new year at the International Date Line).

Installed in the ground-level Chain Store under the Lighthouse, Longplayer’s rings were realigned in a simplified, semi-circular configuration along chalked track-lines.