• Longplayer iOS app

    Longplayer is now available on the itunes Store £3.99 Longplayer, the legendary 1000-year-long composition by Jem Finer, is now available as an iOS app 1000 years of music in your pocket! Longplayer is a musical composition that has been playing since the beginning of the year 2000, and will play on, never repeating, until it…

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  • Longplayer Sound Archive

    An archive of all the sound files on this website . . .

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  • Longplayer Remixes

    In 2003 Jem Finer started to invite people to choose a 10 minute section of Longplayer, from its past, and to use that material in any way they wished, to make a new piece of music. These tracks will be made available to listen to here. Pierre Bastien   El elepe pelele El elepe pelele by…

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  • Listening Posts

    In addition to listening to the live stream or the iOS app Longplayer can also be heard playing in public spaces around the world, some temporary, others more permanent. These are listed and updated here.

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  • Live Stream

    Listen to Longplayer, streamed live from Trinity Buoy Wharf in London.

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  • Longplayer Live

    From the outset, Longplayer was a project designed to seek out its own survival strategies. Over the last few years this effort has been focussed on the development of Longplayer Live, a long-durational live performance for 6 – 12 players. Representing a unique fragment from an enormous continuum, each live performance is calculated to synchronize precisely with…

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  • Longplayer For Voices

    A vocal version of Longplayer is currently in development. This project will see the development of a version of Longplayer stripped of any need for technology and as such is a significant step in Longplayer’s strategy for survival.

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Additional Material


Since the spring of 2013, Artangel and the Longplayer Trust have been inviting thinkers and writers from a wide variety of disciplines to engage in a chain of written correspondence on the subject of long-term thinking.


Essays and writings on the subject of Longplayer and its themes. Writers include Janna Levin, Kodwo Eshun and Christine and Margaret Wertheim.