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Longplayer is looked after by the Longplayer Trust, which is a nonprofit charitable organisation.

Every gift is important to us, however small. Donations can be made very simply and quickly via the button below:

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There are other ways of becoming involved with Longplayer including sponsoring bowls and becoming a patron, see the information below.

  • Buying Time

    Longplayer costs £100 a day to look after. Name a day that’s special to you and help keep Longplayer playing.

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    The Longplayer Trust relies completely on donations and grants to keep Longplayer widely and freely available, to fund its upkeep, and to research and implement strategies for its evolution. We are grateful for any donations, big and small.

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  • Sponsor a Bowl

    Sponsor a bowl and help complete the full set of bowls for the Longplayer Live performances. The bowl will be engraved with a word of your choice and remain a part of the Longplayer instrument to the year 3000 and beyond. The bowls can make enduring gifts to mark significant occasions.

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