• Long Afternoon with Iain Sinclair, Sunday 28th April
    12 April 2024

    Longplayer invites you to spend a Long Afternoon in the lighthouse with Iain Sinclair on Sunday 28th April. The lighthouse will be open to visitors, with a young persons activity table, from 1:30-3pm, and Iain Sinclair’s talk, ‘Gifts of the River Returning’ will take place at 3:30pm. Iain’s talk will reflect on the legacies of…

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  • Watch Gavin Starks’ Lecture – How Will We Be Long ?
    03 February 2024

    On the 29th February 2024 Longplayer Trustee Gavin Starks presented a talk and discussion on the topic “how can a piece of music help us think about the next 1000 years ?” You can watch it here. Context: Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli is Lord Mayor of the City of London from 10 November 2023 until 10 November…

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  • Live Stream is Back
    26 November 2023

    The live stream is now back online. As we cannot guarantee its reliability you may find a better alternative, if you are an iOS user, is to download the app. The app literally performs Longplayer without any need for an internet connection. And if you want to turn a space into a listening post, to…

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  • Portrait photograph of Supriya Nagarajan, facing the camera and smiling.

    Long Afternoon 26th November, featuring Supriya Nagarajan
    06 November 2023

    Our Longplayer Long Afternoon on 26th November 2023 featured a performance from renowned musician, Supriya Nagarajan. Supriya Nagarajan has a unique voice in the British music scene and creates concept driven immersive music productions that push boundaries and encourage thought. Her music is a blend of her South Indian classical traditions and Western contemporary styles…

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  • The Longplayer Conversation, Thursday 28th September 2023
    24 September 2023

    The Longplayer Conversation 2023 took take place on Thursday 28th September at the British Library, London. This year’s conversationalists were Richard Sabin, Principal Curator of Mammals at the Natural History Museum, and Dr. Sada Mire, Associate Professor of Heritage at University College London. Richard Sabin is a Principal Curator at the Natural History Museum, London, where he…

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