Longplaying 1: Richard Wilson

Trinity Buoy Wharf, 29 June 2011
Richard Wilson at Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Longplaying season kicked off on the 29th of June with a memorable talk entitled ‘The Butterfly Effect’ from renowned artist Richard Wilson. Wilson showed five films and talked about his use of film in sculptural works. As the lecture progressed, actions outside of the lecture occurred and built up into something towards a sound happening, with participants including Anne Bean and Wilson’s son on electric guitar.

‘The Butterfly Effect’ lecture was both a chance to introduce to the audience an aspect of my sculptural practice being film, and also a sense of process and experimentation that has always been a mainstay. The inclusion of small, non-related sonic events in the initial lecture caused a chain of expanding events, leading to large-scale alterations of what I intended to say, therefore forcing an improvised session. I was trying to find my own parallel to Longplayer… where a preconceived, calculated time event is allowed to fragment and find its own reason to exist once activated.
Richard Wilson, July 2011