Live Stream

Live Stream

Listen to the Longplayer live stream directly, by clicking the “LISTEN NOW” button.

The stream originates from the Lighthouse, at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, and is hosted by If you are interested in mirroring this stream on your server, please get in touch.


In addition to the live stream, you may listen to four excerpts below. These excerpts are also available on the LP included with the Longplayer book. The dates and times of these excerpts are listed in IDL, ie. as they occurred at the International Date Line.

Listening Posts

Visit the installation, or the dedicated listening posts around the world. Find out more on the Visit page.


Support Longplayer

The Longplayer Trust is committed to keeping Longplayer free and available to the public. If you enjoy these streams and would like to support the project please consider making a donation.