Longplayer For Voices

Developing a version of Longplayer that is dependent purely on the human voice frees the performance of Longplayer from a dependence on any form of technology. This is a significant step in Longplayer’s strategy for survival.

This version of Longplayer is currently in development.

The objectives of the research and development are to discover, through practice and discussion, in workshops, expositions and scratch performance, how a vocal version of a section of Longplayer can be performed and scored.

Jem Finer, in collaboration with Choir Master Peter Broadbent (Joyful Company of Singers) and composer Orlando Gough, aims to produce an innovative new physical score and resolve the sonic challenges and practicalities of how to perform a 1000 minute (16hrs40min) version of Longplayer for Voices. The work will premier in 2018 at the Roundhouse, London.

The first development performance of Longplayer for Voices was held at The Future Everything Festival in March 2014. And a second performance of 1000 seconds took place at the Roundhouse on 12 July 2014.

Longplayer for Voices, Roundhouse, July 12, 2014 (edit) from Longplayer on Vimeo.

The research and development of 1000 second section of the work was supported by Grants for the Arts and The Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust. We are now entering a second phase of development of the 1000 minute version. Over the next four years we will be recruiting the numbers of singers required to perform the full work in 2018. There will be many opportunities to experience the work over the next four years.

We are grateful to the following people who generously supported our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which successfully raised the funds required to support the commencement of the second phase of Longplayer for Voices development.

Andy Agnew . Mike Ambs . Noriyo Asano . Adam Ayrton . Anonymous Bosch . James Bridle . Andie Brown . Robin Brunson . Josephine Burns . Judy Burns . Vera Burns . Victoria Burns . John Burton . Jeffery Byrd . Jack Ceadel . Carole Chant . Jenny Clark . Lara Clifton . Evan Cordes . Sarah Culshaw . Maria Dalot
Marcus Davey . Mike Davis . Alastair Dickson . Down I Go . Peter Edwards . Tony Elliott . Mikl Em . Mike Embley . Katy English . Carl Erickson . Jem Finer . Ben Firshman . Lucinda Garland . David Gilbert . Chris Gribble . Tony Grisoni and Oona Grimes . Maiken HÃ¥varstein . Joe Hales . Suzanne Hardy . Anna Hart . Debra Hauer . Gaby Holford . Andrea Horbinski . Marta Hudecova . Andrew Jaffe . David Jennings . Micky Johnson . Roisin Joyce . Christian Kang . Martin Kaufman . Kevin . John Kieffer . Andrew Kotting . Joanna Krupa . Shaji Kurian . Kurt . David Lang . Patrick Lears . Hong Vy Lewis . Gerald Lidstone . The Long Now Foundation . Chee Lup Wan . Thiago Maia . Melanie Mcfadyean . CJ Mitchell . Michael Morris . Kirsten Morrison . Michael Munker . Hazel Northwood . People Like Us . Francesca Pezzutti . Dimitri Rastoropov . Brent Reitze . Anne Robbins . Paul Roberts . Robert Sharp . Andrea and Ian Shepherd . Nat Sims . Gavin Starks . Yancey Strickler . Becky Swain . Eric Swan . John Tucker . Jenny Waldman . Jonty Wareing . Laura Williams . Mark Williamson . Caroline Younger