Longplayer app for iOS

The app is available on the iTunes Store.

Until now, Longplayer has only been accessible by visiting a handful of “listening posts” or via an online stream.

This app is the first standalone version of Longplayer, creating the music in real time based on the composition’s thousand-year-long score. It requires no data connection and automatically synchronises itself with every other copy of the app across the globe. With this app you become part of a community of listeners distributed through space and time, across many lifetimes.

Features :
– real time high quality playback of Longplayer, with no need for data connection
– plays in the background: listen to Longplayer while you continue to use other apps, and while your phone is locked.
– real time score display
– graphic and textual information explaining how it works
– detailed information section about Longplayer’s history, development, composition, conceptual background and much more
– up-to-date news from the Longplayer website (data connection required)

Any problems or enquiries please email info@longplayer.org