The Longplayer Assembly and Sonic Ray

Over twenty years since Longplayer began playing we are excited to announce two new projects, presented by Artangel, The Longplayer Assembly and Sonic Ray.

Sonic Ray: date t.b.c 2021

Sonic Ray, a new artwork by Jem Finer, will transmit the sound of Longplayer, encoded in a beam of light, from Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse, across the Thames, to Richard Wilson’s Slice of Reality

Visitors will be able to visit both sites, booking information can be found here.

The Longplayer Assembly: 26th September 2020

The Longplayer Assembly, in association with the London Review of Books, brought together 24 distinct voices from around the world in an exchange of ideas about our times; past, present and future. The 12-hour long conversation was streamed live online and introduced by Ansuman Biswas.

You can watch it here.

The schedule:

Introduction from Ansuman Biswas
Precious Lunga in conversation with Eyal Weizman
Eyal Weizman in conversation with Brian Eno
Brian Eno in conversation with Amia Srinivasan
Amia Srinivasan in conversation with Farhana Yamin
Farhana Yamin in conversation with Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson in conversation with Will Prentice
Will Prentice in conversation with Vibeke Mascini
Vibeke Mascini in conversation with Theodore Zeldin
Theodore Zeldin in conversation with Mariana Mazzucato
Mariana Mazzucato in conversation with Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson in conversation with Mulindwa Moses
Mulindwa Moses in conversation with Sukhdev Sandhu
Sukhdev Sandhu in conversation with Saskia Sassen
Saskia Sassen in conversation with Rupert Beale
Rupert Beale in conversation with Holly Jean Buck
Holly Jean Buck in conversation with Jacqueline Springer
Jacqueline Springer in conversation with Alexander Rose
Alexander Rose in conversation with Meehan Crist
Meehan Crist in conversation with Naomi Alderman
Naomi Alderman in conversation with Saul Griffith
Saul Griffith in conversation with Catalina Ortiz
Catalina Ortiz in conversation with John Akomfrah
John Akomfrah in conversation with Janna Levin
Janna Levin in conversation with Precious Lunga

John Akomfrah – Artist and filmmaker.
Naomi Alderman – Novelist and game writer.
Laurie Anderson – Artist, Performer, composer, and writer. 
Rupert Beale – Clinician Scientist.
Holly Jean Buck – Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability.
Meehan Crist – Writer.
Brian Eno – Artist, producer, and musician. 
Saul Griffith – Inventor and entrepreneur.
Janna Levin – Astrophysicist.
Precious Lunga – Epidemiologist and entrepreneur.
Vibeke Mascini – Artist and Writer.
Mariana Mazzucato – Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value.
Mulindwa Moses – Climate activist.
Catalina Ortiz – Urbanist and Associate Professor.
Will Prentice – Sound Preservationist.
Alexander Rose – Industrial Designer.
Sukhdev Sandhu – Professor of English and Social and Cultural Analysis
Saskia Sassen – Professor of Sociology.
Jacqueline Springer – Broadcaster, Journalist, and Curator.
Amia Srinivasan – Philosopher and Academic. 
Helen Thompson – Professor of Political Economy.
Eyal Weizman – Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures.
Farhana Yamin – Climate Lawyer and Justice Activist.
Theodore Zeldin – Philosopher, Sociologist and Historian.

More information can be found here