Morse Candle 14th March – 21st May 2021

During this period of lighthouse closure, the Longplayer Trust, with support from Trinity Buoy Wharf, present Morse Candle, a gentle, fragile, flickering presence, rekindling a light in the lamp of the lighthouse. 

Within the light’s fluctuations a single, elemental word is transmitted in Morse Code in many languages. 

With the assistance of the public, we hope to include as many of the languages used in London today as possible, the precise number of which is ever evolving but currently estimated to be in the region of 250. 

The sequence of words will be transmitted in a continuous loop from dusk to dawn each day, allowing visitors to decode it with a helpful guide displayed on location and online. Locals are invited to experience the installation at Trinity Buoy Wharf until 7 pm each day as part of their daily exercise. Morse Candle can also be seen from anywhere with a view of the lighthouse.

For those unable to visit, a video of the installation is available to see online where you will also find full details of the project including how to add a translation.