Shortplayer Sampler

The Shortplayer Sampler collects together, for the first time, excerpts from the first 5 Shortplayer compositions.

The method of Longplayer’s composition can be regarded as an algorithm whose variables may be changed to create any number of new compositions. In this sense, Longplayer is itself just one of these possible compositions, its title referring directly to its own extreme duration.

Conversely, there exist an enormous number of possible compositions in which Longplayer’s variables – duration, notes, instrumentation etc – are adjusted. A composition might last only a very short time – an hour, for instance. Shortplayer is the generic name for these possible short-durational compositions, which can be arranged for any group or combination of instruments and/or voices.

The album is available to buy now from Bandcamp, and all proceeds go towards helping Longplayer keep playing.