A very Long Afternoon with Ansuman Biswas (9th June, 9-5)

On Sunday 9th June, Longplayer invited you to spend a Long Afternoon with Ansuman Biswas at London’s only lighthouse. This special event took the form of a particularly long afternoon, with Ansuman offering a durational performance from 9am-5pm.
 ‘Escaping the 9 to 5 is a work of imagination. It’s hard to see what’s there until you imagine it not. Longplayer is measuring out a thousand years. One thousandth of a year is 8.76 hours. One millionth of the length of Longplayer is 8.76 hours. That’s roughly 9am to 5pm.’
 On June 9th, rather than taking the Sunday off work, Ansuman Biswas started playing, dipping into the stream of Longplayer for one working day, clocking on at 9am and clocking off at 5.46pm. Ansuman invited you to come and join him and Longplayer for as long as you liked.
 Longplayer Trust Chair Ella Finer and Producer Imogen Free  also offered a reflective conversation at the Armadillo, CLT Sound Pavilion at Trinity Buoy Wharf – as part for the London Festival of Architecture – from 4-5pm, and a young person’s facilitator was present in the ground floor stairwell of the Lighthouse 12-3.30pm.
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