Buying Time

Buying Time, a new fund for Longplayer, was launched on the 6th November 2017 at Fitzrovia Chapel, London W1, with guest speaker Stewart Lee.


Longplayer costs £100 a day to look after (you can see a breakdown of costs in this diagram).

Name a day that’s special to you and help support Longplayer by underwriting that day’s music.

In the calendar at the bottom of the page the dates displayed as squares are available; dates highlighted by gold circles are taken.

Choose a day and it will turn green; then click on it. You’ll be taken to a form where you enter your details. You can choose whether you’d like to be named or anonymous, and whether you’d like to leave a message. If you’d like your name to link to a URL enter it into the URL box.

After that click the BUY TIME button at the bottom of the form and you will be taken to Paypal ( account not required) where an annual payment of £100 will be set up*.

Your day will now appear as a gold circle. Clicking on it will reveal your message should you choose to leave one**.

Circle the square for Longplayer and help us keep time.

By way of thanks, you will receive a signed score of your day. Those who buy time will also be invited to display a personal object in the Buying Time Cabinet. This takes the form of a calendar, each day of the year marked as a 5 centimetre cubic space. The Cabinet is installed in the lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, where it will be part of the Longplayer Listening Post, open each weekend.

Please send your chosen object  to Longplayer c/o Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, London E14 0JW. The object can be anything that will fit within a 5 centimetre cube. You may choose to leave your space in the Cabinet empty, in which case we will mark it with an X.

*The annual payment can be simply cancelled at any time. The day will once more become available and any object you have sent for the cabinet will be returned when the current year paid for ends.

**If you prefer to leave a message at a later date email it to buying_time at and it will be added.

If you have any questions please email buying_time at

Your address will NEVER be shared or published.