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Shortplayer #3

The third Shortplayer composition, Shortplayer #3 4VB, was aired on Vicki Bennet’s WFMU show, OPTIMISED!, on Friday 10th June 2016 at 13.45 EST.  

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Manuel Arriaga’s letter to Giles Fraser: Longplayer Letters

The next exchange in the Longplayer letters, from Manuel Arriaga to Giles Fraser, is now available to read and comment on here.

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Longplayer iOS app is now available

The Longplayer iOS app is now available from the app store.

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Since the spring of 2013, Artangel and the Longplayer Trust have been inviting thinkers and writers from a wide variety of disciplines to engage in a chain of written correspondence on the subject of long-term thinking.

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Longplayer's permanent home is in Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. There are also public listening posts around the world, and a continuous online audio stream.

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