Longplayer Day – 21st June 2017

Goldsmiths, University of London to Trinity Buoy Wharf,


The Longplayer Trust and Goldsmiths, University of London, invite you to the inaugural Longplayer Day, on Wednesday 21 June, from noon until midnight.

Longplayer Day 2017 is a 12-hour peripatetic cross-disciplinary festival celebrating the recently announced partnership between Goldsmiths and Longplayer by Jem Finer. Events take place across London locations: beginning at Goldsmiths (New Cross) and concluding with celebrations at Trinity Buoy Wharf (Poplar).

Please see the full schedule below for the location and time of each event, as well as details about the speakers and performers involved.

Longplayer Day

Longplayer Day is inspired by Longplayer and the philosophy, interests and aims behind it. Its curated programme of new commissions, performances, talks, screenings and workshops explore time and duration, and seek to inspire audiences into new thought on long-term behaviours, environmental awareness and durational thinking. In keeping with the festival’s themes, Longplayer Day is set to take place annually on the summer solstice (the longest day of the year).

Curators: Helen Frosi & James Bulley
soundfjord.org | jamesbulley.com
Assistant curator: Philip Serfaty
Assistant: Gregory White
Advisory group: Jem Finer, Iris Garrelfs & John Levack Drever

Access | Venues

All events are free to access. The day is peripatetic: the audience move from one location to another, choosing their agenda for the day from the time-specific events, free to join proceedings when they choose. Large print information will be available at each location and each event is wheelchair accessible.

There are various venues stretching from Goldsmiths to Trinity Buoy Wharf. The event starts promptly at midday on 21 June at the Great Hall of Goldsmiths, University of London (New Cross), before moving on to Res and News of the World (Deptford) and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music (Greenwich). Performances will happen in parks, bandstands and on the Thames shoreline along the route to the end destination of Trinity Buoy Wharf (Poplar) at sunset.


The event is curated by Helen Frosi and James Bulley of the Goldsmiths Unit for Sound Practice Research with the assistance of Philip Serfaty and Gregory White. It is supported by the Longplayer Trust, Trinity Laban College of Music and Dance, Goldsmiths Special Collections, Goldsmiths Fringe and Underground Music Group, Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, Goldsmiths Research Development Funding (CIG), Goldsmiths Communications, Goldsmiths SMT, Enclave (Deptford), and Artangel.

Full Schedule


12:00—14:10 | Goldsmiths Great Hall | SE14 6NW

Michael Morris – Introduction
Michael Morris is Co-Director of Artangel and a member of the Longplayer Trust.

Cathy Haynes – Inaugural Lecture
Cathy Haynes is a curator, artist and writer who was previously Curator for Art on the Underground.

John Tilbury – ‘Palais De Mari’ by Morton Feldman
John Tilbury is regarded as one of the foremost interpreters of Morton Feldman’s music and has been a member of both AMM and the Scratch Orchestra.

Áine O’Dwyer – ‘Piano Transplant No. 1, the permanently prepared piano’ composed by Annea Lockwood
Áine O’Dwyer’s performance on Lockwood’s Piano Transplant No.1, the permanently prepared piano is the first since the work was created in the 1960s.
bit.ly/2lzw4tt | annealockwood.com

Siswå Sukrå
Siswå Sukrå are a Javanese gamelan group based at the Royal Festival Hall. The group is tutored by Pete Smith, one of the UK’s leading gamelan musicians and teachers.


14:15—14:30 | Green Onions | SE14 6JP

Rosie Bergonzi – ‘Child of Tree’ by John Cage
Improviser and percussionist Rosie Bergonzi will perform John Cage’s I Ching chance-based composition, Child of Tree (1975).


14:45—15:45 | Margaret McMillan Park | SE8 4BP

The Study Group – ‘Welcoming the Light’ by Pauline Oliveros
The Study Group is a workshop space dedicated to performing artist Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations. Members include Martina Conti, Stephen Shiell, Artur Vidal and Hannah White. Welcoming the Light was composed by Pauline Oliveros for the Summer Solstice.


15:50—17:00 | Res & News of the World | SE8 4AL

John Latham – ‘Erth’
John Latham’s seminal film work Erth (1971) collapses space and time, both physically and cinematically into a direct encounter. The screening will be prefaced with an introduction by Gareth Bell-Jones, Curator at Latham’s FTHo.

A screening of Holloway (2015) directed by Adam Scovell with contributions from Robert MacFarlane, Stanley Donwood, Dan Richards, James Bulley and Richard Skelton. An introductory talk will be given by one of the authors of the Holloway book, Dan Richards.


17:10—17:30 | Ferranti Park Bandstand | SE8 3FB

Blanca Regina & Steve Beresford
Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford’s duo involves completely freely improvised sounds utilising collections of sound-making objects.
whiteemotion.com | efi.group.shef.ac.uk/mberes.html


18:00—18:30 | Trinity Royal Naval College | SE10 9JF

Dominic Murcott – ‘Harmonic Canon’
Visitors to the courtyard of Trinity Laban in Greenwich will hear composer Dominic Murcott perform an excerpt from his composition Harmonic Canon, written for Marcus Vergette’s instrument of the same name.


18:40—19:10 | Greenwich Foot Tunnel | SE10 9HT

Angharad Davies
Violinist and composer Angharad Davies will explore duration and time through a perambulatory performance.


19:30—19:45 | Newcastle Draw Dock | E14 3BW

Charles Hayward
The drummer and founding member of This Heat, Charles Hayward, will perform on the shoreline of the Thames.


20:00—20:20 | Thames Path | E14 3GJ

Richard Wilson – The Harangue
In performance of The Harangue, Wilson will be accompanied by Sean Dower and Ansuman Biswas.

Richard Wilson is internationally celebrated for his interventions in architectural space which draw heavily for their inspiration from the worlds of engineering and construction.

Sean Dower produces works in sculpture, photography, film, live performance and sound.

Ansuman Biswas works in a wide variety of media, but his central concern lies between science, work and religion.


20:40—21:00 | Prime Meridian | E14 2AB

Tim Spooner
Tim Spooner is a visual artist and performance maker who fuses scientific experimentation together with puppetry.


21:15—00:00 | Trinity Buoy Wharf | E14 0JW

Jem Finer
Jem Finer is the composer of Longplayer and will be talking briefly at the Lighthouse, Trinity Buoy Wharf, at the end of the day.

John White
John White’s elemental composition Drinking and Hooting Machine for bottles, liquid and breath, will be performed at the end of Longplayer Day.

Longplayer is a one thousand year long musical composition and will be accessible throughout the evening.


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