08.04.14 17:03 GMT
Esther Dyson writes to Carne Ross

The latest Artangel Longplayer letter has been published. Esther Dyson, with reference to Stewart Brand’s earlier letter to her, writes to Carne Ross.

All the letters can be found on the letters page.

29.11.13 00:42 GMT
Stewart Brand writes to Esther Dyson

The latest Artangel Longplayer letter has been published. Stewart Brand, with reference to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s earlier letter to him, writes to Esther Dyson.

All the letters can be found on the letters page.

24.11.13 22:44 GMT
Video – Richard Maybe and Richard Holloway – The Artangel Longplayer Conversation 2013

This year, the Artangel Longplayer Conversation was between Richard Maybe and Richard Holloway.

Longplayer conversation 2013: Richard Holloway and Richard Mabey from Artangel on Vimeo.

Mabey is a celebrated writer about nature and our relationship to it. His most recent books include Turned Out Nice Again, Living With the Weather and Weeds: The Story of Outlaw Plants.

Holloway, a writer, broadcaster and self-proclaimed ‘agnostic Christian’, was formerly Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church until he stood down in 2000. His books include the memoir Leaving Alexandria: A Memoir of Faith and Doubt and Between the Monster and the Saint: Reflections on the Human Condition.

The talk took place at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD on Thursday 31 October 2013.

02.07.13 22:18 GMT
Letter #2: In Reply to Brian Eno, Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes to Stewart Brand

Read Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s letter to Stewart Brand here.

Artangel and the Longplayer Trust are inviting thinkers and writers from a wide variety of disciplines to engage in a chain of written correspondence on the subject of long-term thinking. Unfolding slowly over time, the Artangel Longplayer Letters will form a written conversation in which each conversant is both answering his or her predecessor and thinking toward his or her successor – it is a dialogical relay, very much in the spirit of the Long Conversations.

The letters are also be available on the Artangel and the Long Now websites.

13.06.13 16:01 GMT
Bowl Display at Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse now houses a shelving installation, designed by Ingrid Hu, to display the singing bowls used in the live performances of Longplayer.

Each tier of the structure, containing 39 bowls positioned sequentially, corresponds to one of the six concentric rings of the Longplayer Live instrument.

Photograph by James Whitaker

04.02.13 21:28 GMT
LP Live timelapse

A new HD version of Jem Finer’s timelapse film of the first live Longplayer performance, September 9th 2009. 1000 minutes in 1000 seconds.

Longplayer Live London 2009 : 1000 seconds from Longplayer on Vimeo.

28.11.12 14:11 GMT
Big Bowl Named

The first bowl from the 6th circle has been named, 6.03.

For more information about naming bowls and supporting Longplayer visit this page.

Many thanks to David Jennings.

20.03.12 10:10 GMT
Longplayer Live in San Francisco (time-lapse)

A time-lapse film made by Sustainability Media on October 16th 2010.

12.09.11 11:06 GMT
David Rooney – 28.09.2011 – recording online

Curator and historian David Rooney talked about the long-term experiment of Greenwich Mean Time.

“On reaching the corner of Greenwich Park, a quiet suburban district, the police had found, amid a motley debris of trees, bushes and railings, the charred and shattered remains of a man.” Newspaper report, 1894. “Wait till they start on the Greenwich Observatory. London without time will cause them to wake up.” Suffragette conversation, 1913.

David Rooney is currently a curator at the Science Museum and formerly curator of timekeeping at the Royal Observatory, and was involved in the installation of Longplayer listening posts at both museums. He is interested in the roles played by material artefacts in long-term institutional survival strategies, and the ways people can seek to destabilise experiments in normalisation.

Conversations and events are now archived here, along with an audio recording of this talk.

Further documentation, from this and other talks, will be posted before long.

16.08.11 17:34 GMT
Andrew Kötting & Iain Sinclair – 07.09.2011

In the third of this summer’s Longplaying events artist and filmmaker Andrew Kötting and writer Iain Sinclair talked about their new collaborative work Swandown and the Long Pedal.

“Kötting hauled a plastic swan, a lure, as we walked. We were accompanied by a pair of mature students from the art college where he taught: one of them had got himself into shape for this by completing the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and the other kept a record with a pinhole camera made from a Swan Vesta matchbox. Random encounters calibrated our progress.”

Iain Sinclair 2010

Conversations and events are now archived here, along with an audio recording of this talk.

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