Support Longplayer

Longplayer is looked after by the Longplayer Trust, which is a nonprofit charitable organization (see here for more information). We rely completely on private donations and grants to keep Longplayer widely and freely available, to fund its upkeep, and to research and implement strategies for its survival.

In addition to running the live stream and the flagship listening post at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, the Trust oversees production of the Longplayer Live performances, the first of which took place in September 2009 (see here).

Bottom-line overheads for the Trust include £1500 a year for the running of the live stream and £250 a month to keep the Lighthouse open to the public. For this, as for all things, Longplayer must depend on support from the public.

Every gift is important to us, however small, and there are several ways you can help:

Sponsor a Bowl

The Trust is working towards the completion of the Longplayer Live instrument, comprised of 234 differently-pitched Tibetan Singing Bowls. To fund this unusual undertaking, we are encouraging sponsorship on a bowl-by-bowl basis. Only through these donations can the custom orchestral instrument necessary for future performances be built.

Bowls can be sponsored in different sizes, from the smaller £50 bowls to the great big £1000 bowls on the outer ring. Each bowl is engraved with a word of its sponsor’s choosing. Many donors contributed to the extraordinary debut of Longplayer Live in 2009, and the bowls they named are now a permanent part of Longplayer. Together they helped Longplayer Live make its first great step – find out more here.

Make a Donation

To make a donation, of whatever size, you can use any of the following payment options:

PayPal – you can use all debit and credit cards here:

Bank Transfer:
   The Longplayer Trust, a/c 02848828
   Lloyds TSB, Sort Code: 30.98.71

Cheque or Money Order payable to:
   The Longplayer Trust,
   31 Eyre Street Hill,
   London EC1R, 5EW, U.K.

Gift Aid: If you are a UK tax payer we can claim an extra 28% back from the Inland Revenue.
The Longplayer Trust is Registered Charity number 108 7243.


Every time you buy a book, CD or DVD – in fact anything at all – from using our embedded search box, we receive a percentage of the retail price. You can do this via our bookshop, or by searching here:

In Association with

Help in Kind

We always need help on developing long term sustainable means for keeping Longplayer playing. If you have an idea or access to resources which you believe may benefit Longplayer in the long or short term, please get in touch here.

Listening Posts

We are always interested in listening to proposals for new listening posts.

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